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Why does the world need a $99 laptop?
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Philip Appiah from PAAJAF approached me some months ago. PAAJAF is a humanitarian services nongovernmental organization based in Accra, Ghana, West-Africa.  The  foundation provides food and shelter, clothing, basic health care, community building skills, job training  and education for children, women and orphans. Philip’s vision was to improve the lives of his 600 members through better access to information, better education. Access to information is to better education, freedom, making a living,  so to speak. Although Philip maintains healthy relationship to the UN and his needs are acknowledged he didn’t have any funds to buy computers or access to the Internet.

When Cherrypal learned about Philip’s project the commitment to send 20 laptops and pay for Internet access was quickly made. Training will start in January.

Living in Silicon Valley makes you blind. “Accra” is not just in Ghana, it’s also here in the western world, in Michigan, in Ohio, in New York State, in California, literally everywhere. There are still more than fifteen million Americans who can’t afford an own laptop, who have to go to a public library or live without access to the Internet at all, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

We here at Cherrypal decided to build a laptop for those who can’t afford to spend a couple of hundred dollars. In honor of Philip’s PAAJAF initiative we called our latest project “Africa”, hopefully making Internet access more affordable for those who need it most. Make no mistake, the Cherrypal is not a fancy system. It’s small, just 7″ screen, no thrills and admittedly not exactly fast, though good enough to browse the web.

We believe access to the Internet is an essential need nowadays and requires an extra effort from the global community to melt different cultures and backgrounds into one peaceful community.

Honestly, if you can afford a couple of bucks more the new Cherrypal Bing (Intel N280 based, Windows XP) with it’s new 13.3 inch screen and super-slim design is the much better choice, but what the heck, if you can’t and don’t mind the wait, with $99 bucks you can become an equal partner of the global cyber community. Welcome and Happy Holidays.

23 Comments to “Why does the world need a $99 laptop?”

  1. supportive says:

    What Linux distro is being used in Cherrypal Africa?

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  3. abdi says:

    it is really amazing and i think many people who cannot afford to buy expensive laptops would be interested in buying them. also millions of children in Africa who have no access to the internet would benefit it.

  4. Gilberto Luiz Menegotto says:

    Verry Good

  5. nsomos says:

    I am reluctant to buy something that runs ANY
    version of MS software. Please make a version
    available with some form of Linux on it.

    Some companies have volume agreements with MS
    where they pay MS for every computer they ship,
    even if MS software is not on it.

    I would feel much better if I were assured that
    no money from a non-MS Cherrypal computer were
    to go to MS. Otherwise I would still be
    reluctant to buy.

  6. Roberto Neves Rolino says:

    I’m fron Brazil (Montes Claros – Minas Gerais).
    I dont speak english, bud I need this laptop AFRICA (NOW).

    Good Bye!

  7. Hello,
    Where can I find this netbook to buy? How can I buy?
    I´m from Brazil, São Paulo.
    Waiting for answers.

  8. TK Balde says:

    This USD99 netbook would be a very good starter laptop for students and third world citizens to at last get connected to the internet. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)of internet providers in the third world should do the rest of providing extremely discounted or free internet connection to all public schools in their countries, other poor communities, indigenous communities learning centers etc.

  9. Vamille says:

    I’m from Brazil too… but i do speak english hehehe and i need this laptop NOW hehehehehe

  10. Lennart H says:

    we old people need a pc to we are very poor in sweden please send me one soon
    peace man.

  11. Marcelo Elizalde says: (nothing to hide )
    hey fellows, do you have any dealer in Argentina??

    Thank you
    Marcelo Elizalde Calle Oliver 768
    Ciudad de Santa Rosa 6300 cp
    Provincia La Pampa

  12. gerd says:

    any specific data of Cherrypal Africa available? Where?


  13. danny says:

    Where can I find this netbook to buy? How can I buy?
    I´m from Indonesia
    Waiting for answers…

    Fun Tastic!

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  15. domotica says:

    Where can we buy it in Spain?

  16. ato says:

    Where can I find this notebook to buy? How can I buy?
    I´m from ghana
    Waiting for answers…

  17. Paulo says:


    I am would like to buy the notebook Cherrypal Africa is possible?



  18. james says:

    please i need a laptop please this is my address p.o.boxng95,nungua-Ghana

  19. quintella says:

    this is a really good deal on laptops.

  20. quintella says:

    this is a great deal on laptops i will really consider taking in this offer

  21. Emmanuel says:

    Pls, where can one buy it in Nigeria. I am interested

  22. Laodicéia Cerezer says:

    I would like very much to know how can I have this treasure – for us poor people who loves information and education. I’m from Brazil, São Paulo; Sorry but I don’t know speaki English. Waiting yours
    answers … thank you.

  23. Bobby says:

    I would like ditribution rights for this product for East & Central Afric.

    Please contact me and send me details ASAP.


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