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It’s Christmas Eve and I am watching “Love Actually”, one of my favorite movies. Love is all around. I am very grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response and encouragement Cherrypal received since we launched the Cherrypal Africa about a week ago. People from all over the world told us that this would be the first […]

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When most people in industrial countries talk about cars they talk about horsepower, torque, mostly technical details. If you need a car but can’t afford one all this technical “bragging ” details don’t matter anymore. All you want is a vehicle that drives you from point A to B, in the safest, most reliable, economically […]

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Philip Appiah from PAAJAF approached me some months ago. PAAJAF is a humanitarian services nongovernmental organization based in Accra, Ghana, West-Africa.  The  foundation provides food and shelter, clothing, basic health care, community building skills, job training  and education for children, women and orphans. Philip’s vision was to improve the lives of his 600 members through […]