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CherryPad Edwin (C807/C810) Android 4.0 tablet computers (WiFi)

The CherryPad Edwin-Wifi Series come in two screen sizes: 7-inch (C807) and 10-inch (C810), both models are based on the revolutionary new AllWinner A10 1.5 ghz Cortex 8 ARM (Mali400MP OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU) processor, and both models come with capacitive 5-point-touch screen technology. State-of-the-art technology for a revolutionary low price and built-to-last quality!

The CherryPad Edwin-Wifi Series (C807 and C810) is ideal for consumers who don't need access to a 3G/4G network, appreciate value, high quality and great performance. Cherrypal is continuously providing downloadable software upgrades (i.e. firmware) in order to enhance the user experience. Any software upgrades are made available to Cherrypal customers free of charge.



Technical Specifications

CherryPad Edwin C807 (7-inch) and C810 (10-inch), 1.5 ghz ARM Cortex 8
  Capacitive 5-point-touch capacitive screen, WiFi

7-inch (C807) US$ 99.00; 10-inch (C810) US$ 199.00; plus shipping
Height/Width/Length (7" C807) 4.80 inch (122 mm), 0.51 inch (13 mm), 7.56 inch (192 mm)
Height/Width/Length (10" C810) 6.42 inch (163 mm), 0.53 inch (13.5 mm), 10.51 inch (267 mm)
Weight C807 7-inch model: 0.79 lbs (0.360 kg), C810 10-inch model: 1.22 lbs
Processor AllWinner A10 1.5 ghz Cortex 8 (Mali400MP, OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU) system-on-chip
Graphics accelerator OpenGL 2.0
Firmware: optimized for smooth scrolling and power management
Operating environment: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Factory language setting: English (United States)
Other supported languages: English (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore),
  Spanish, Chinese (PRC, Taiwan), Czech, Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium),
  Czech, Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium), French (France, Belgium, Canada,
  Switzerland), German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein),
  Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian
Display technology C807: 7-inch
7-inch capacitive 5-touch-screen 16:9, 800 x 480 pixels resolution
Display technology C810: 10-inch
10-inch capacitive 5-touch-screen 16:9, 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
Sensors gravity sensor
Video playback HDMI V 1.4 (supports 3D) 2160p HD
Front facing camera: 2.3 megapixels
Memory 512 MB DDR3
Storage 4 GB NAND Flash (plus 16 GB through Micro SD card)
Wirless (WiFi) 802.11 b/g (n)
Speakers 1 high quality stereo speaker
Microphone built in microphone
HDMI port: HDMI standard mini-port, supports HDMI 1.3, support full screen output to HDMI devices
Audio 3.5mm headphone jack
Card reader: Micro SD reader (supports up to 16 GB)
Battery:C807 7-inch
3600 MAh rechargable lithium-polymer battery (web browsing 8 hours, video 5 hours)
Battery:C810 10-inch 5200 MAh rechargable lithium-polymer battery (web browsing 6 hours, video 4 hours)
Operating environment: -4F to 130F (-15 to 55 C) operating temperature range
  -40F to 140F (-40 to 60C) non-operating temperature range
  0% to 100% noncondensing (relative humidity)
  16000 feet (5000 meters) maximum operating altitude




The CherryPad Edwin-WiFi 7-inch (C807) above, CherryPad Edwin-WiFi 10-inch (C810) below