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Cherrypal phones (CherryPhone) for mobile phone carriers

Mobile comminucation is key in the 21st century. Inexpensive devices are paramount to overcome the "Digital Divide". Budget conscious consumers and users in devoloving countries are not able to afford hyped up and overpriced brands, they are looking for value, reliability and durability. 

Cherrypal (the consumer electronics brand of the Education Wins Foundation) built and shipped the first smart phone below US$50.00 in 2011, We build "dumb" and "smart phones" for mobile carriers worldwide; and will offer soon a "smart dumb" phone with integrated cloud computing based application store.

William, see below, is making a call on his US$ 15.00 Cherrypal "dumb" CherryPhone (p.s.: it changed his world). Disclaimer: William owns a Cherrypal Africa as well.


We build mobile phones for carriers and wholesalers worlwide, inexpensively and in high quality. Our objective: affordable communication for everyone